FTTP Broadband


The future of fast, reliable broadband is here.

The race to Single Order, full fibre connectivity is already underway as Openreach and other FTTP broadband providers expand the UK coverage network. Openreach have now announced over 170 exchanges for the FTTP
rollout in 2021, as well as the Stop Sell of copper-based products.

The current Openreach coverage for FTTP broadband is approximately 4.7 million premises. Are you ready to transition to the Single Order, All IP world with the best of breed in full fibre connectivity?

Join Talk Together as we take you on this journey in future proofing your portfolio. With in-depth knowledge, industry engagement and experience of FTTP broadband and Single Order broadband, you can benefit from expert advice and guidance as you support your customers in their digital transformation.

FTTP broadband is a full fibre solution which offers download speeds of up to 1Gbps, making it the fastest broadband product available to the market. Enabling users to perform multiple online activities, all at once without experiencing slowdowns, FTTP is the most reliable broadband technology. Unlike copper-
based technology, FTTP does not inherit signal loss due to distance or any environmental changes, such as degradation and noise interference, which can impact the performance of the broadband service.

Key features

SoGEA Broadband


Single order connectivity is here.

In the biggest change to telecommunications in 30 years, PSTN and ISDN services will be switched off by December 2025 and a stop-sell of these services by 2023, meaning connectivity will no longer be supported by traditional copper telephone lines.

The future is data-only, Single Order broadband.

What is SOGEA

The arrival of SOGEA transforms the way businesses work. Offering download speeds of up to 80Mbps, SOGEA provides faster, more reliable connectivity than ADSL, meaning you can do more online, without worrying about buffering.

SOGEA Infrastructure

SOGEA technology is based on the current FTTC set up. Fibre technology is used from the local Exchange to the green street cabinet and then copper from the cabinet to the premises.

Key features